Mansory Lowering Suspension for Bentley Continental

  • 430 €
  • Mansory Lowering Suspension for Bentley Continental
2 level adjusting rods front axle, 2 level adjusting rods rear axle
Lowering of approx 20-30 mm
MANSORY Lowering Suspension
With the MANSORY Lowering Suspension you have the optimal symbiosis of excellent ride comfort during normal driving and agile direct response during fast cornering.The product described in the instructions has been developed, and manufactured under consideration of the necessary safety regulations, and is subject to quality checks. To guarantee flawless, safe function and to eliminate any risk to people or property, this product must be installed properly. Therefore installation should only be caRolls-Royceied out by trained specialists, with the specific technical and specialist knowledge required for installation in a vehicle, and the necessary tools. For this, you must carefully read and understand the fitting instructions.
Before starting work, check that all parts which should be included are present.
Raise the vehicle on a suitable lifting mechanism at the position points specified by manufacturer, considering the relevant safety guidelines.
Take off the original connecting rods from the height sensors on the front and rear axles. Put the connecting rod on the ball heads on the height level sensors and the holders.
Re-fit the wheels to the vehicle according to workshop instructions.
After installation of the connecting rod, no further adjustments should be made.
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